Notification System Update on Delayed Emails

I want to thank all the parents that reached out to the Information Technology Department to communicate their concerns regarding emails sent from the notification system that were delayed or not received. We realize that this has been an inconvenience and understand the importance of timely notifications when it comes to your child.  Your valued feedback and input has helped us make gains in solving the issue. Our district has never encountered this issue prior to this year and we are working closely with Infinite Campus to transition to a different email relay. At this time our request is with managed services at Infinite Campus.

Why are the emails delayed?

In reviewing delayed email headers, we have been able to ascertain that sent notifications are being received by Infinite Campus email relay but there is a delay for some Gmail users and other email addresses that are hosted by Google.

When an emergency notification is sent to parents and guardians, the message is sent via phone, text and email and if appropriate posted on the district and school websites and Facebook pages.

If you would like to change your notification preferences, please contact the main office where your child attends.

Thank you for your patience as we work directly with the vendor to resolve this issue.

April Clifford

Technology Director

Ellsworth School Department