Yearbook News:

Parents: Do You Want to have a Parent Ad for Your Student? 

This is a perfect place to celebrate how far your student has come and celebrate them with pictures of them through the years and your own personal message to them for them to remember. 
Full Page $125, Half Page $75, or Quarter Page $40. 

Seniors: Do You Want to have a page where you can celebrate you and your friends? It is the perfect place for all your memories together. Full Page $125, Half Page $75, or Quarter Page $40. 
Splitting it with your friends could cost you as little as $5-20. 

These pages need to be ordered by February 1. Contact Mrs. Kuvaja at ASAP as space is limited. 

Also, we only have 50 Yearbooks left! With 100 already sold make sure to get yours before they are gone. We are only ordering 150. Pre-order today at: