The following internet providers are offering discounted (or free) internet access during Covid-19:

SPECTRUM: Spectrum is offering free internet to qualifying households with students in Kindergarten – College and/or teachers. This offer is limited to new accounts. To request this service please call Spectrum at 1-866-991-6533.

CONSOLIDATED COMMUNICATIONS: Please refer here to get information and updates as to the options Consolidated Communications is providing to students and families.

VERIZON: Please refer here to learn more about their internet/hotspot options.

T-MOBILE & SPRINT: T-Mobile acquired Sprint as of April 1, 2020. To see the internet options being offered to students please refer here.

NETWORK MAINE: Many school districts in Maine are providing internet access from the parking lot. School districts have created guests networks that can be accessed from the parking lot. Please refer here to learn more.

FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC): The Federal Communications Commission has issued guidance to providers limiting or eliminating service termination, late fees, and other access supports. For more detailed information on what the FCC is doing please refer here.