McKinney-Vento Programs

Students who are homeless will be given access to educational and other services they need so they can have the opportunity to meet the same challenging state academic achievement standards all students are expected to meet. Students in homeless situations will be kept in their school of origin (school the student attended when permanently housed or the school in which the student was last enrolled), unless it against the wishes of the parent or guardian. Students can continue in their school of origin the entire time they are homeless up to the end of the academic year in which they move into permanent housing.

Students may enroll in any public school that students in the same attendance area are eligible to attend. If the student is sent to a school other than the school of origin or the school requested by the parent, the Ellsworth School Department must provide the parent with a written explanation of its decision along with the right to appeal. Students who are not in the custody of a parent or guardian will have the assistance of the local homeless education liaison to enroll them in school, request transportation, and will provide the student with notice of their right to appeal a decision.

The Ellsworth School Department will enroll homeless students immediately even if they do not have the documents typically needed for enrollment. Students will be provided with transportation to and from their school of origin at the parent or guardian’s request.