Hancock County Technical Center is a proud member of Maine's network of career and technical education (CTE) schools.

We offer hands-on, career-oriented education in a variety of programs.

All of the programs at HCTC are scheduled as half-day, every day, full-year programs. You can schedule your courses at your sending school or enroll in our academics program (for qualifying schools) for half of the day and for the other half attend your HCTC program. What a unique opportunity! Attending Hancock County Technical Center can earn you up to 4.5 credits towards graduation in the career and technical program of your choice. You will not only receive a topnotch education preparing you for college, but you will also receive employability skills enabling you to receive a well paying job.

Please visit the pages on our site to learn more about us or make an appointment today to explore the technical program of your choice by calling 207-667-9729.  Thank you for visiting!