Cybersecurity I: AM Session

Cybersecurity II: PM Session

Academic Credits Awarded: See below descriptions.

At HCTC Cybersecurity can be taken as a one or two-year program and is open to any students entering grades 10-12. This dynamic and in-demand program is designed to be a bridge to a working environment or to collegiate degree completion. This program will explore the tools and systems used to counter; malicious hackers, cyber terrorists, network outages, and other technical problems that could compromise network security at the local, state, and national levels. The program is designed to prepare students to sit for industry-recognized certification exams and will include hands-on experience. The average salary for entry-level Cybersecurity workers with an Associate’s degree and four professional certificates is approximately $80,000 to $120,000 per year. There is an estimated 500,000 job openings currently in the US and by 2025 there is estimated to be 3,500,000 positions open worldwide due to expansion and retirements.

Cybersecurity I: AM Session

This course explores the fundamental concepts of cyber security. The course will examine risk assessment, basic security requirements of modern computing environments, and the defensive and offensive tools and methods used in the industry. The role of cryptology to protect the information, access control methods, business continuity, and disaster recovery will be discussed.

Other topics will include incident response, secure design principles for networks and software, digital forensics, security operations, and legal implications of work in this field. Basic level industry security certificates and college credit are available.

Daily use of computer software and lectures to include the Socratic method will be used to develop the vocabulary to understand concepts used in the industry and in Cybersecurity II. Basic Python will be introduced as well as the use of Linux commands.

Credits for UMC; CIS 101, CIS 240, and ISS 210 are awarded if the student passes their certificate tests CompTIA A+, TestOut iT fundamentals, CompTIA Sec+ and Network+ and classroom assignments.

Cybersecurity II. PM Session

Cybersecurity I, or have pre-knowledge of the content therein. Students wishing to advance to Cybersecurity II need to complete at least one of the certificates from

Cybersecurity I and work to complete the others ASAP* during instruction. The curriculum is faster-paced and more hands-on. Multiple programs will be integrated to keep pace with the ever-changing professional environment. In addition to reinforcement of concepts from Cybersecurity I daily lecture and exercises in the core study subjects will include; System security, Cloud Security, developing diversity in the Cybersecurity workplace, online ethics, Advanced Python, and AXIOM Computer Forensics.
Certificates offered include; Cisco CyberOPT, CYSA, PCAP, Certified Ethical Hacker* PCAP certificate* work toward CCNA* will be performed while building a class network in the lab. College credits for UMC; will be awarded if the student passes their certification tests and classroom assignments.

This course is a more advanced class composed of students that have completed

All Students will be encouraged to put their new skills to the test in the following competitions, CyberPatriot, SkillsUSA, and the National Cyber league as well as others.

Students will be employable after completing the program but are strongly encouraged to attend college. Satisfactory completion of Cybersecurity I and II will lead to a certificate from UMA in Cybersecurity. In addition, a $3000 scholarship for program students can be applied for if students choose UMA as their college.

Concurrent Enrollment:

University of Maine Augusta


*Indicates Instructor assisted independent study.

Year 1 meets Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-10:30 am.
Year 2 meets Monday-Thursday from 11:45 am-2:15 pm and Friday from 11:45 am-1:15 pm.

Location: This course is held at Hancock County Technical Center

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