Do you want to own your own restaurant? How about becoming a TV chef? How would you like to always have a job? Food service is one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries.

There are so many different opportunities for young people in the foodservice industry in Maine and across the country. Hancock County Technical Center’s ProStart program will help prepare you for those opportunities and establish a foundation for further learning, whether you immediately pursue a foodservice career, or go on to hospitality management or a culinary program at the college level.

The ProStart program gives you the chance to explore career opportunities and gain the skills needed to operate and manage a foodservice business by joining classroom learning with on-the-job experience. Topics covered include food preparation, baking, basic accounting, workplace safety, and communications.

During the program you will get hands-on experience in different areas of foodservice in the operation of our on-site restaurant. You will work directly with industry professionals who serve as mentors to make sure you are getting as much as possible out of the work experience and have the chance to practice what you learn in the classroom.

The Culinary Arts curriculum was developed by The Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association, with guidance from educators and representatives of the foodservice industry and is recognized throughout the country.


  • Year 1 meets Monday-Friday from 8:15 am to 10:30 am.

  • Year 2 meets Monday-Thursday from 11:45 am-2:15 pm and Fridays from 11:45-1:15.

Location: This course is held at Hancock County Technical Center.

View our Culinary Arts Promo Video here.