The Bridge Academy is designed for high school juniors who will spend half a day at HCTC in a CTE program, and the other half a day taking Bridge Year University of Maine system or community college courses at EHS. This is a cohort program with students from all over Hancock County. The Bridge Academy courses will offer dual credit (college and high school) from The University of Maine system while you attend your participating high school and a CTE school. The Bridge Academy students will have the opportunity to receive up to approximately 30 college credits by the end of the summer following the student’s senior year in high school. This means it is possible for a student, while in high school, to earn half or more of the 60 credits required for an Associate Degree. The Bridge Academy offers increased levels of career assessment, career exploration, and job shadowing opportunities to help the student learn more about well-matched career opportunities as well as the education needed to achieve each student’s individual career goals. Students will be required to also attend three-day summer institutes each year. The Bridge Academy credits are useful for many possible future Bachelor’s Degree enrollment options at a number of different post-secondary schools.

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Bridge Academy Application 2024

Application is due on by March 24, 2023.