The EHS French club meets once a week after school and is run by the students with the French teacher in a supervisory role. Its mission is to promote enthusiasm for French-speaking culture. French club activities include anything that students have an interest in and is tied to Francophone culture. Some of these activities take place at school during the day, i.e. a National French Day celebration in November, complete with food, music, mimes, trivia, and prizes to introduce the whole student body to French culture. A modified Mardi Gras celebration is done in the same way with a special meal for the whole student body, music, decorations, and trivia. Club members also enjoy cooking and eating French food together, and French holiday celebrations. The goal this year is to have a "French Activity Night" to bring the community into the school for skits, music, food, and a film. Every three years a 3-day trip is organized to Quebec City, and club members spend time planning for this trip. (French students not able to join the club are also invited to join us!) Come up to room 319 on a Tuesday after school and see what we are all about!