In order to promote civic responsibilities for our graduates, EHS adopted a 40-hour community service commitment as a graduation requirement starting with the class of 2012. This site provides information on the policies, guidelines, and opportunities involving community service.

Community Service Guidelines:

To graduate from EHS, a student must have 40 hours of documented community service from a variety of organizations. There is no set requirement as to the time frame for completing the hours. However, the hours do not count until the first day of a student’s freshmen year. All hours for a school year must be recorded by the last day of that particular school year. Should a student come to the high school after their freshmen year, the following hours are required (no matter what time they enter EHS during the school year):

Sophomore - 30
Junior - 20
Senior - 10

Generally, service is performed for a non-profit making organization. (Exceptions: hospitals and nursing homes) Activities that do not count include times when a student receives academic credit through activities such as independent studies, internships, job shadowing, service through co-curricular activities (i.e.. Student Council officer), service through the judicial system, service for an individual (should be performed under the umbrella of an organization), and/or service through religious organizations.

Lastly, absences from school that are used in an attempt to complete community service hours will not be honored. Students must complete their forty hours of community service by involving themselves in at least three different and separate activities to earn their hours.


Hours can be accumulated beginning with the student’s first day of their 9th grade year and can be acquired through the school year as well as during the summers. Hours should be accumulated from a variety of community organizations. Students have the responsibility for obtaining pre-approval for all hours attempted from their Advisor prior to serving their hours. In order to receive community service credit, community service hour log forms must have prior written approval from the student's Advisor and a signature from the supervisor of the activity.(Please see the link on the bottom of this page to download a PDF of the form.)

Once the hours are completed and the appropriate forms are signed, the earned hours are posted on the Infinite Campus site. Generally, service is performed for non-profit organizations with exceptions being hospitals and nursing homes.

For a weeklong activity you may log a maximum of 25 hours. For example, if you are a volunteer camp counselor for a week, you can earn up to 25 hours. For a weekend activity, you may log a maximum of 10 hours. For example, if you participate in Walk For The Cure you can earn up to 10 hours.

All student community service hours for the school year must be turned in and recorded prior to the last day of the school year. Prior to the end of the school year staff members may pre-approve summer time community service hours. During the summer, the principal or assistant principal should be contacted for pre-approval. Summertime hours can only be accrued by the incoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

The following is a list of eligible and non-eligible community service activities:

Eligible Activities Non-Eligible Activities

Eligible Activities

Non-Eligible Activities

Spring/Fall clean up day

Job shadowing and internships

Babysitting at church

Activities related to religious services

Fundraising for non-profits

Fundraising for a trip

Coaching youth teams

Service for individuals (elderly neighbor)

Animal shelters

High school activities

Food drives

Activities supervised by parent or relative

Habitat for Humanity

Chaperoning YMCA dances

Fire Department volunteer

Court-assigned service

Volunteer officiating of sporting events

Act. without prior approval or supervisor's signature
Lifeguarding paid swim lessons


Birds Acre

A nature center wildlife refuge located in Ellsworth. Care for injured birds, help with trail maintenance - Call 667-8460 or e-mail birdsacre@hotmail.com

Black House / Woodlawn Museum

Always a great need for volunteers, grounds work and tours - Call 667-8671

Child and Family Opportunities Child Care Center

Working with preschoolers - Call 667-2995

Collier's Rehab and Nursing Center

Visit one on one with residents for singing, reading, or knitting - Call 667-9336

Courtland Rehab and Living Center

Spend time with residents doing crafts, playing checkers, cards, bingo, reading, singing, play instruments. Also one on one visits with residents - Call 667-9036

Ellsworth Public Library

Various volunteer opportunities - Call 667-6363

Everybody Eats

Everybody Eat needs volunteers to help serve a free community meal on Monday nights. Students can earn 3 to 3.5 hours of service each week. Please contact Marian Wells at 667-6206 for more information.

Friends of Acadia – Acadia National Park

Volunteer work at Acadia National Park clearing drainage ways, trail work, and beach cleanups - Call 288-8716 or 288-3934

Green Lake Association

Various volunteer opportunities - e-mail: emoore20@myfairpoint.net

Habitat For Humanity

Many ways to help and volunteers are always needed - Call 667-84584

Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry

Packing boxes and stocking shelves - Call 667-4363

Maine Coast Memorial Hospital

Various volunteer opportunities - Call Stacie Brown at 664-5348

Special Children's Friends

Working with special needs preschoolers - Participating with children in play groups and providing a role model - Call 667-2430

The Clothes Closet in Ellsworth

The hours are Friday 4:30-7:30p and Saturday 9a to 1p. They give away clothing as well as baby and senior items. They can always use volunteers to help sort clothes, wait on clients, hang clothes, etc. Contact Bonnie Moretto at 460-1576 for more information.


Looking for volunteers with a love of animals - Call 667-8088

Woodbine Cemetery

Woodbine Cemetery Association needs volunteer help in the spring through the fall to rake, mow lawns, clean stones, and help with the garden. Contact Thelma Beal 667-4664 or tsbeal46@yahoo.com for further information.


Visit the website above for many volunteer opportunities


After school tutoring and working with kids in day care and in sports - Call 667-3086

Elementary Schools

All schools need volunteers for various activities

  • Cave Hill School in Eastbrook: 565-3638

  • Ella Lewis School in Steuben: 546-2430

  • Ellsworth Elementary Middle School (PK-4): 667-8074

  • Ellsworth Elementary Middle School (5-8): 667-6241

  • Hancock Grammar School: 422-6231

  • Lamoine Consolidated School: 667-8578

  • Mountain View School in Sullivan: 422-3200

  • Peninsula School in Prospect Harbor: 963-2003

Should an organization of interest not be included on our list and would like to be considered and/or should information about your organization need to be changed,

please email: jhammer@ellsworthschools.org