Request for Proposal - EEMS Softball Dugouts
Request for Proposal - EEMS Softball Dugouts
Teresa Austin
Thursday, April 25, 2019

Ellsworth Elementary Middle School (EEMS) is looking for RFPs related to building dugouts for our softball field. Submissions are due May 15th at Central Office of Ellsworth School District (ESD) by 4pm. Work must be completed before June 30, 2019.

Attributes of RFP:

Must mirror the baseball dugouts (plans provided by EEMS and McCullough engineering).  Plans are available on the ESD website and at EEMS in the ADs office.

Must include detailed billing, included but not limited to: materials, labor, and estimated timeline from start to finish-with daily expectations of completion noted. (e.g. day one-ground readied and cement poured, day 2 framing and walls, etc).

Must be completed No later than June 30.

Contractors must work with School Maintenance Director Chuck Turnbull and EEMS AD Travis Wood to determine layout of dugouts on the field.

Overview of dates:

Submissions:                   May 15th, 4pm ESD Central Office

Completion of project:    No later than June 30