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Who, What, When, Where & Why

I am in my 16th year as an educator and 11th year in my current role as a technology integrator. I hold a BS in Business Education and a MS in Computer Technology Education.

My role is to support teachers in their technology evolution. That support may come in the form of professional development, integration planning and/or team teaching. In addition, by way of the help ticket system, I provide training and support on many of the district's subscribed technologies--Infinite Campus, Google Apps for Education, Webpage, Interactive Whiteboards, Document Cameras, i-Ready, help ticket system and more.

While I maintain a schedule like that of a classroom teacher, I am able to schedule time before, during or after school to meet.

I love it! It's the look...that look I get when I am able to provide a much-needed answer to a question. No question is too silly! We're all at different stages of the game. I can almost guarantee that any question you have for me is one that I asked of someone else once too!

On Technology

Technology is like a good friend...you depend on it, you enjoy its company, you grow to love it...and every once in a while, it has a colossal brain cramp!

Technology loves company! Two heads are inevitably better than one. I am pleased and honored to learn from your expertise. Whatever product comes of our interaction will be to your credit!

Bringing technology into your classroom begins with embracing it into your life--let me show you!

You spent years becoming the professional you are today. Though it will take much less time to integrate technology into your life, it is an ongoing process. What does technology look like in your life today? How would you like to see it?

What is your technology hook?

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